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13th Sep, 2017 00:17 (UTC)
I hope your rescue was more successful than our attempt at rescuing a magpie fledgling. Having been tossed to the safety of the shed roof the damn thing fluttered back down again,right in front of Yuri,who'd caught him in the first place!
13th Sep, 2017 08:22 (UTC)
Unfortunately I think it died of the shock and rolled down behind the planters because Chewie brought in a familiar looking corpse that evening.

The last one Leia caught did the suicide by cat trick after we put it on the shed. Almost funny in a way because she made such a racket we ended up with six other cats watching her kill it. We just sat on the patio drinking beer and making comments about the Flavian Amphitheatre. Not a lot else we could do.
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