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Some where in Glasto there  is a little scrotbag who had better be very careful from now on for this little stunt.


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11th Dec, 2010 14:43 (UTC)
Oh, I gather the locals are pretty sure who did it, though nothing has been proved.

I do wish the BBC wouldn't promulgate the "2,000 year old" idiocy about a tree planted in 1953 (and then to replace one planted in 1952 that died.) There are quite a number of twice-a-year flowering thorns in Glastonbury.
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11th Dec, 2010 15:48 (UTC)
The story even says "There are several Holy Thorn trees located around Glastonbury".
And links to this which says "While this thorn is not the original tree it is believed to be a descendant of it, having been grown from a cutting of the original", and that it might well grow back from this attack.
Whoever did it is still a jerk though.

As are these people: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Home/Hunt-for-chainsaw-gang-who-felled-Cambridge-tree.htm
11th Dec, 2010 16:10 (UTC)
11th Dec, 2010 16:30 (UTC)
The local park which includes William Morris' house has a collection of different types of trees. The one right by the main entrance of the house was ring-barked by vandals recently, so they had to remove it.

But if they're looking for whoever cut down the holy tree, have they checked for any small charcoal biscuits in the vicinity?
11th Dec, 2010 21:59 (UTC)
or frogs or salt pillars depending on who got in first?
11th Dec, 2010 17:36 (UTC)
I just don't understand some people
11th Dec, 2010 21:59 (UTC)
It's one of those Grandfathers Axe things. It may be on it's third new head and fourth new handle but it's still Grandfathers Axe. The point isn't the tree shaped thing that has just been cut down but the 2000 years of Treeness that it's the latest incarnation of which has been dissed.
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12th Dec, 2010 08:42 (UTC)
Jerks. The tree is important to a lot of people. It has symbolism for pagans, as well as Christians. Sure it isn't the original, but as another commentator said - it's the chain of continuity and the symbolic meaning of the tree.
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