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Mungo update 11.5

Forgot to do the last update where they upped his insulin to 2 units twice a day. I blame downloading the Bioshock trilogy and Skyrim in the steam summer sale.

Latest trip to the place they do horrid things to good cats means an increase to three units twice a day. While this is not good the beast seems to be acting like an active healthy annoyance and is still bullying us for a share of whatever is cooking and capable of making the extra inch or so leap to the bed necessatated by the new mattress so is probably not doing to bad all things considered. Back in three weeks for further humiliation.



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26th Oct, 2013 00:59 (UTC)
I hope it all evens out soon, and he stays healthy otherwise
27th Oct, 2013 14:28 (UTC)
Fingers crossed he continues to thrive.
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