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The Night of the Doctor


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(Deleted comment)
14th Nov, 2013 22:11 (UTC)
that's called "fate".

15th Nov, 2013 07:22 (UTC)
It's like someone said about Roland Emmerlich's (crap) film 2012 - it's a major catastrophe, almost everyone is going to die, we're following the story of one of the few who actually made it: which is just as well because if we were following practically anybody else the story would have ended a long time ago.
14th Nov, 2013 22:12 (UTC)
and at the end of this one the Sisterhood make sure that the Doctor is not limited to 12 regenerations any longer.

15th Nov, 2013 09:25 (UTC)
It's as good a place as any to play the get out of dead end free card.
15th Nov, 2013 10:39 (UTC)
Do you know, that might be the first time I ever saw Paul McGann as the Doctor - he's one of the ones I missed entirely.

I rather liked him. Hmm.
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