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Mungo update 12.5

Went to pick him up after a checkup to see if the change of diet is making any difference and were told that they weren't sure because the blighter had refused to eat all day and so had produced a lovely straight line downwards instead to a curve. They eventually had to feed him the special gooshy fud with extra glucose to get him to where he could safely take the evening insulin before they cut him loose and we were given instructions to buy a glucometer and come back next week for training in the art of pricking ears and taking samples. Dose remains same for now...

All this on top of having to wait nearly an hour to get him thanks to a couple of emergencys ('towser got into the xmas choccies', and 'yes, I'm sure your vet did say bring him here for aftercare since we do act as his overnight hospital but the message didn't reach us').



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21st Dec, 2013 16:46 (UTC)
That's cats for you. I hope he continues to do well.
22nd Dec, 2013 08:15 (UTC)
I got fairly practiced at running glucose curves at home - if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.
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