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Mungo update 17

Puss no longer full of pus so now off the antibiotics. Glucose curve tomorrow since he lost a load of weight and is still down from where he was then back to the vet next week for Mog.O.T and boosters plus  checkup and changes to his insulin if needed. Staying on the gushy fud even if it does make feeding time a bit like this..



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12th Jul, 2014 17:44 (UTC)

Can you get food that's grain-free? Our cats' general health has improved enormously since we began feeding them a brand called California Natural.
12th Jul, 2014 20:54 (UTC)
California Natural is not one I've seen on sale in the UK. The Applaws tins he's on has a similar looking makeup to it though, and I have noticed him being a lot more alert and less likely to walk round the house yeowling like he's been abandoned if no staff are in immediate view. I have to special order it from my local pet shop but it's well worth the bother.
12th Jul, 2014 20:45 (UTC)
Glad he's making progress.

My goodness, I had forgotten just how funny Simon's Cat is...
12th Jul, 2014 20:57 (UTC)
Always worth checking for new Simon's Cat. I'm thinking of backing the Indiegogo campaign for 11 minute long Simon's Cat Goes To The Vet epic.
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