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Slightly less meep

Hal seems to be getting over whatever it was he's picked up.  Still keeping him off at least another day.  When that boy leaves chips on his plate he's definately still not right.

Jodie OTOH has started to come out with garbage like "being clever is for boys".  I think a copy of something in the line of 'lives of the great women of science' or 'great women in history' is in order.  Any suggestions?


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7th Mar, 2007 19:49 (UTC)
she's way too young for that meme to have kicked in yet!!

time to get her into an all girls' school that specialise in the sciences.

7th Mar, 2007 21:32 (UTC)
Problem with round here is most of the all girls schools are Islamic. I can't think of anywhere near that's not mixed. I just what to know which little scroat has been dropping that poisonous little meme in her ear. Her teachers not happy either, she's a biology graduate.
7th Mar, 2007 23:35 (UTC)
"That boy who told you that is so frightened that you are better than him that he's telling you lies to try to stop you showing up how stupid he is".

(assuming it wasn't a *really* stupid girl who told her).
8th Mar, 2007 10:54 (UTC)
I think I know who it was because she's had other bother with this boy and she is smarter than him. The teachers keeping an eye on things in the classroom but the playground is another problem.
7th Mar, 2007 20:05 (UTC)
"Then you'd better learn how to out-think them, hadn't you?"

One example - the pretty pictures and graphics and icons that all the computers use nowadays were all based on the Macintosh interface, and all designed by one woman. When Microsoft wanted to copy them they hired the same designer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_kare (Jordin's sister)
7th Mar, 2007 21:27 (UTC)
That's something I never knew. Thanks for that, it's the sort of thing that may get through to her since she uses the Mac for online games (mostly the CBBC site).
7th Mar, 2007 20:57 (UTC)
Marie Curie immediately springs to mind. Not to mention Ada Lovelace. Watson and Crick would have still been scratching their heads over their results if it hadn't been for their FEMALE assistant.

7th Mar, 2007 21:28 (UTC)
I've already been round the science and natural history museums with her last summer pointing out people like Valentina Terishkova and Mary Anning but those links are great stuff, cheers.
7th Mar, 2007 22:38 (UTC)
Google is your friend, you just gotta know what gorram question to ask!
(Deleted comment)
7th Mar, 2007 20:59 (UTC)
7th Mar, 2007 21:04 (UTC)
As for women in History Elizabeth I, Elisabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale, Hester StanHope (Now there is someone who definitely didn't believe in "Ladies Don't do those things")
And for research purposes:
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