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The insecurity of small cuddlebunnies

I think we're finally getting down to why Jodie is acting up so much.  At it's heart is a need for more attention.  Our parenting style is very much in the benign neglect mode of 'you know where we are if you need us' whereas it seems Jodie is much more biased to needing input and has worked out the best way to get it is either be sad or kick off about something. 

Take today for example.  Last night I spent a good chunk of evening helping her with decorating a couple of eggs and making a display for them for the easter egg competition at school tomorrow.  Today, despite sleeping through the alarm and not getting up till 8.10 leaving everyone just over a half hour to get up, fed, dressed and out she trotted into school without a murmur.  This is the same girl who's had to be practically dragged to school every day so far this week howling all the way.

I think a change in our evenings is in order next term.  More sitting with the kids downstairs after supper rather than Ragnarok.  We may even get the TV off them more and expand their horizons but that may take a little more work.  First find programs worth watching.


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29th Mar, 2007 15:02 (UTC)
Fingers crossed that this helps! Good luck with it - it's quite hard to change one's own normal patterns of behaviour.
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