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This entry was going to be the update on how we survived a garden full of 7 year old pretty girls on a suger rush and what hapened when they found the stack of plastic swords in the shed ( the real ones being in a cupboard inside) but while I was cogitating I decided to give my glasses a polish.  Normal thing to do, just get a cloth and rub, but this time I put a little too much pressure near the nose piece trying to get that little bit where the muck gathers right by the nose and 'snap'! 

The nose piece had come off where the weld to the main frame is.  So it's off down the hill to the opticians where they said it could be fixed (yay) but they would have to send them off to be done as they couldn't do that in their little workshop (boo).  Slight problem here, I can't even see the girl across the desk clearly without my glasses on let alone do anything else.  It's not even that practicle to read because of the difference between each eye.  right - sphere 2.25  left - sphere 5.50, cyl 2.00, axis 75  = headache from reading or trying to do anything too long without them.

Upshot of this is I need new glasses and because I want decent frames this is going to be 40 quid for the lenses and 55 quid for the frames.  Then there's the tenner plus repair cost to get the old pair made into sunglasses.  Guess who doesn't get any new DS games this month.  I -was- going to go into Game on Friday and pick up Picross and see if they had any second hand copies of Nintendogs Dalmation edition.  Jodie has the Dacshund edition so it would mean we could play together.  Oh well, back to Cooking Mama.

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