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Drat this Weather

I want my summer back.  I've finally managed to get some grass growing on the bald muddy bit under the trees at the end of the garden and it's under water again.  The real answer would be to lose the trees but they are on the housing association next doors land and they never get back to us when we beef about the ones right near the house that I think are the reason why the cellar door is sticking let alone the stuff right down there.

If the garden flooding wasn't bad enough, the roof we spent thousands getting replaced last summer has sprung a leak.  The builder who put it on is on holiday so I've had to get someone else to fix it which meant another bill.  Half sent to the builder who should have fixed it and half out of our pockets for the chimney mushroom that we didn't make sure got stuck on when we had it done.

Then the lightning took out the network card for my PC.  There we were, eating lunch, when overhead there was an almighty crack'o'doom.  Having had a lightning strike on the house when I was a kid this made me a bit twitchy so we did a quick check round but the only thing we could see was that the Sky connection had gone down for a bit.  We wouldn't even have known about that if Jodie wasn't poorly and sitting in bed watching Spongebob Squarepants instead of eating with us.  I found out about the card when I went to fire up Ragnarok later and my connection was down.  I don't know quite how it managed to take out just my card and not the ones for the Mac or the other PC but it did.  Not a permanent kill though because when Harry stuck another card and driver in the first came back to life.  Computers, go fig.

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