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Sports Day

Tuesday was the lower school sports day.  It was cloudy and thunder was starting to rumble but it went ahead untill the rain set in.

Today is the upper schools sports day.  It is lovely and sunny and getting warm already but there is a large sign on the gates saying cancelled.

The difference?  Lower school has their sports day in the playground, upper school has their sports in the park and the rain has made it a little muddy under foot thus risking falls.  When I remember the sludgy excuse for a pitch we used to get shoved out onto in all weathers and tough if you fell over and bumped yourself I think these schools are just too cowed by the ambulance chaser brigade.  This is the second year that the upper school sports day has been cancelled and there were a lot of disappointed kids in that playground this morning.


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19th Jul, 2007 11:19 (UTC)
and I bet you remember being forced to play hockey in a snowstorm, wearing shorts and short sleeved shirt, on a grass pitch too, like I do :-)

(while the PE teacher sheltered on the porch of the pavilion, wearing fleecy lined tracksuit and gloves)
19th Jul, 2007 14:43 (UTC)
In Nairobi (a mite warmer than Glasgow!) I remember an occasion when it had been raining for a day or two. The games pitches were so muddy that a hockey ball would have vanished in the mud, and a soccer ball wouldn't have bounced. We were told to change into swimming costumes and gym shoes, and then sent for a run round the grounds in the rain. It was very muddy. The run ended at the swimming pool, where we were hosed down and told to go swim ten lengths. Not quite as cold as playing hockey on a pitch on top of a hill in Berkshire on a snowy day in January or February, but close...
19th Jul, 2007 21:19 (UTC)
Our PE teacher usually had a thermos mug of coffee and a brolly. There was no porch to the sports center and the pitches were round the back anyway. Right about the snow, though we were more likely to have freezing rain it being just a little bit warmer in London. So long as you could see both goals from the bully off then it wasn't too bad to play.
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