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Mungo update 21

I have been reminded that I never did a full update of the background of the pre filk con tweets on collapsakitty so here you go.

The evening before the filk con I was sitting at the kitchen table and Mungo was on the windowsill in his usual somnulent position when murphys_lawyer wanders in. Since this puts him next to the stove I asked him to check on supper since it was almost ready. This activity at the place which produces noms roused the kitty who wandered across the table (which he is not supposed to do but gets a by if there is no table cloth) and jumped down and, instead of performing his usual nonchalent wander foodwards, promptly fell over and didn't get up.

First thought was 'oh hell, cats had a stroke' (yeah, overreaction I know, but he is 18).

Grab mobile, phone vet for immediate appointment then tell kids we have to go out so fend for yourself. On the appearance of the box from the celler Mungo pegs it up the hall on three legs at high speed which makes me much relieved but still worried.

Cat now in the F.E.V. we leave the kids to serve themselves casserole and head off to the vet. The wait is, luckily, not too long and he gets to see his usual vet so this is good. (Holly House is not just a basic vet but a specialist vetinary hospital that backs up a lot of smaller practices so you can sometimes be stuck a while at the evening clinic).

After the usual pokeing and prodding the vet decides the problem in in the left knee and is almost certainly arthritus related bone spurs in the joint and when he jumped one of them broke off and stuck in. The only immediate treatment was a large dose of pain killer and anti inflammitory with a return in 24 hours to decide where to go next.

Kitty suitably doped up and, if it's anything like the stuff I've been on for similar, flying like a kite, we return home to find vile offspring have eaten almost all the pound of sausage that was in the casserole and left us with veg and gravy. Evening is spent cuddling a stoned kitty which is why the Sams didn't get the custom made boxes they were going to have made for travelling.

I then go off to Marks Tey for Con27ilkin leaving the family to carry on.

I now hand you over to murphys_lawyer for what happened while I was off enjoying myself.

(taps screen). Is this thing on? Good...

I took Mungo back up the vets the next day, after he'd leaped out of my grasp and scampered up the hall again when I was trying to put him in the FEV. Vet much pleased to see a visible improvement, recommended Metacam for the next four days to take the edge off but given the cat's 18, took blood to see if it was okay to administer. Left with a hole in the wallet as even with the insurance there's a large excess up front for new conditions.

They rang up by the end of the day (herself said they were good vets) to say that his kidneys weren't up to taking the recommended dose but we could try reducing it. On the added advice of how to best do it from one of the filkers Ohm was carousing with, who's also a vet, I started doing this. And now back to Ohm...

When I returned I was educated in the latest art of doping kittehs so I could dose the beast up midday. Two drops of Metacam on half a cup of diabetic kibble.

After a week on that we stopped and waited to see if the spring came back in the sproing. It did and once again the bed can be reached in a single bound for evening petting or morning siren call of I WANT MY BREAKFAST!!! ( not at six in the morning you little bastet.)

Now we just keep an eye on him and will let the vet know if he gets any more than mildly creaky. In the mean time it looks like he's decided heat treatment of achy bits is good.
2015-02-10 18.17.21



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27th Feb, 2015 00:00 (UTC)
That is a lovely picture of him. Pei Pei rarely stirs from her warm patch because of arthritis now.
27th Feb, 2015 10:06 (UTC)

He looks  in fine fettle for an elderly gent.

(Our old lady is doing OK at 20 something and the boys are mere 13 year old striplings.)

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