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Holiday time

Off to Mums in London for 10 days of not having to do very much (apart from whatever little jobs she's got lined up for whichever of us is about) except work my way through her shelves of historical detective stories and, if I run out of them, a large stack of H Rider Haggard.

If the kids can be roused early enough there may be a trip to Legoland but more likely it will be a couple of wanders into town for the Star Wars exhibit at County Hall and the British Museum for the Egypt section since that's one of the topics for next term and I think they both will find something fun in that.

If the weather holds then there's a large back garden for them to wear themselves out in and hopefully a chance to teach them both to ride a bike providing the old one in the shed is still rideable.  If it isn't then I have an afternoons work changing that situation.  Castrol grease, the smell of August (bike service time before school starts).

The cat is currently looking at me suspiciously.  I think the appearance of suitcases has made him twig he's going to the cattery .

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