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Gotta start somewhere

OK, so I've finally succumbed to the lure of LJ. Got to give in to the inevitable sometime. I've been muttering about doing a fanzine with this title for years and it just ain't gonna happen so you get this instead.

What goes in here will probably be a mixture of stuff about the kids (8yo Hal and 6yo Jodie), embaressing death pictures from my high level rogue in Ragnarok (pummeled to death by the lowest level boss in the game while I went to get more coffee) and, come January, bitching about why oh why did I ever agree to building the SAMs awards for the filk con again!!! Followed in February by pictures and egoboo once the dratted things are done. (I love doing them, really, honest, I just hate deadlines)

Other random weirdness linked off the web will probably be dropped in as and when I feel like it.


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24th Sep, 2006 12:55 (UTC)
"journal" not "blog" :-)
24th Sep, 2006 13:46 (UTC)
24th Sep, 2006 13:53 (UTC)
24th Sep, 2006 14:44 (UTC)
24th Sep, 2006 19:00 (UTC)
Welcome to the time-sink!
24th Sep, 2006 19:13 (UTC)
Should mesh well with my other time sink, MMORPGs. I can do this while my characters sit and heal up.
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