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Mungo update 22

This has been waiting a week to be posted but we had to wait on the vet for stuff.

Last Thursday was a day in the place where nap time is interupted far too much by people with needles and no manners. It has been a couple of months since he was tested and he's had metacam so they wanted to do some extra blood work to check on the kidneys etc as well as take the piss from the puss to check for sugar so there was no way it was going to be a home job.

Glucose curve was a bit higher than last time, as in never went down to single figures, so the insulin dose has been increased to 3 units twice a day. General condition OK, a little heavier than last time but still within the range expected and not really surprising since he isn't very active these days. Urine results again within range but up a little from what would be wanted but this will probably be sorted by the change in insulin dose.

The fun starts with the blood tests which came back Wednesday. Kidneys are not happy. They are not failing but are definately not working as well as they should be. Not surprising since he's spent the last couple of years on a high protein diet and that is known to have a long term effect on kidney function. Easy solution is a low protein diet but this will of course increase the carbs which is the last thing you want with diabetes. Vet and I agree that the cat is an awkward little sod. So she checks what brands of food he's getting (Royal Canin diabetic formula and Applaws senior cans) and goes off to call Royal Canin. They have a think for a day and agree on the awkwardness of said feline before suggesting a slow shift over to their renal formula for the kibble and keep mixing it with the cans.

Tomorrow is blood testing again but we're doing that at home as it's just to see if the change in insulin dose is working and also to see if a less stressful environment helps.



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9th May, 2015 16:11 (UTC)

Cats were put on this earth to be awkward buggers. Good to know Mungo's still carrying on.

9th May, 2015 21:47 (UTC)
Well it could have been worse but not good, fingers crossed some sort of balance can be reached.
10th May, 2015 05:34 (UTC)
Yes ... managing the diet for a diabetic cat, relatively straightforward. Managing the diet for an older cat, relatively straightforward. Managing for an older diabetic cat gets -- interesting. Best of luck finding the balance.
11th May, 2015 15:40 (UTC)
Oh, how stressful! Ish is on Royal Canin renal and doing well: apparently it tastes nice. Horus and Miss Telzey, with no health problems, agree.
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