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Searching for a school

As quite a few of you lot know Hal was diagnosed as high functioning autistic a couple of years ago.  Up until recently he's been managing sort of ok in the local primary and while he's been well below the level expected of a kid of his age he's been progressing.  This all changed when they finally got the go ahead to redevelop his school.  This is a sorely needed thing and entails knocking down half the current single story building and rebuilding a new two story school on the site.  The problem is where do the kids go while this is going on and this has meant everyone doubling up in the other half of the school and the rest in old portacabins that are in an even poorer state than the main building was.  As you can imagine this leaves absolutely nowhere to chill out and work one to one quietly which is what is needed for a kid with learning difficulties.

Hal has been slowly going nuts since Easter when they first started shifting everything into the remaining half of the school so the builders could move in with the wrecking ball as soon as summer break started.  When they went back in September he got even more stressed and kept having to be sent home for things like hitting out and banging his head against stuff in frustration.  I've been keeping him home for mornings and trying to tutor him in maths and english using work books for the last couple of months.  He goes in the afternoon for the group stuff like art and PE as well as letting him socialize in the lunch room (which is also the gym and assembly hall at the moment).

This is obviously not a situation that can go on indefinitely so we're trying to get him a Statement of Special Educational Needs which will mean we can force the issue about which school he goes to and have been checking out the local Special Inclusive Learning Centre (SILC) schools.  One thing going round these places has made me realize is just how lucky we have been.  With the right help Hal has probably got a decent independent future, some of these kids will always need care.

We've also been told, two years after his diagnosis, that he may be eligible for disability benefit.  If there's one true thread running through all this it is that getting blood out of a stone is easier than getting even just the information about what you can apply for out of the council/government.  Getting the cash/help will probably be even worse.

If we can get the statement, get him moved and get him his disability then he should be good to go for a while but oh boy am I glad they didn't take my blood pressure at the family planning clinic yesterday...


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24th Nov, 2007 20:32 (UTC)
As I said over on my LJ - good luck with it all!
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