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  • Mon, 08:36: Back to the dentist. Apples and iffy crowns do not mix
  • Mon, 11:10: Ok. It's split completely so temporarily glued back. Long term is extraction, plate while it heals then see if bridge or implant. #sharkenvy



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21st Mar, 2016 14:49 (UTC)

I hope you get it sorted soon!

22nd Mar, 2016 09:28 (UTC)
It's going to take a while but most of that will be waiting for stuff to heal after the extraction. The broken one is right in the middle which is why I'm going through all this bother and expense (NHS dentist who went private but is so brilliant with Hal we decided to stay with him).
22nd Mar, 2016 09:29 (UTC)
Good luck with it then.

21st Mar, 2016 21:31 (UTC)
Aaagh! I've just broken a molar eating peanuts and have an appointment for tomorrow for my first ever piece of crown/bridge/whatever they call it-stroke-decide to recommend. Tonight is not a good time to hear such things can compromise one's life.

(I know I've been very lucky until now)

I hope yours gets fixed and mine doesn't turn out iffy.
22nd Mar, 2016 09:31 (UTC)
This crown is over 25 years old, has already been glued back together once, and is the one right in the middle so it gets all the hard work of biting. You should have a lot less worries about a molar.
23rd Mar, 2016 17:37 (UTC)
In the end it was, don't hate me please... an appointment for a new filling!
23rd Mar, 2016 20:32 (UTC)
Glad it was an easy fix
22nd Mar, 2016 11:21 (UTC)
I have some similarly-aged crowns that I watch and worry about.
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