Omega (were_gopher) wrote,

Mungo Update 24

Current status, same old same old.  Curve still to U shaped for the vets liking, she'd like it shallower with lower highs but he seems to be doing ok on it so don't mess with what works. He's showing no signs of hypo etc and wakes alert even from one of those snoozes so deep you wonder if he needs an "I ATE'NT DEAD" sign.

Visit this time included a Senior Citizen check since he's so old. Mostly what was expected, slight anaemia since his bone marrow isn't quite keeping up but this is not uncommon and cats can do quite well if it comes on slowly apparently. Legs a little stiffer but can still make the bed for morning skritches even if it is with a bit of a scrabble. Urine sample not done since he went into captain iron bladder mode (and we found when we went to pick him up he had peed on the puppy pad in the FEV).

All in all, carry on and see you in three months.
Tags: mungo
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