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Mungo Update 25

The state of the Mungo is not good.

He went in for his boosters and a glucose curve 8am on Wednesday and seemed OK. At lunchtime the vet called to say he had collapsed and his blood glucose was reading 1 so they stuffed honey on his tongue, put him on a drip and fed him the special food to get him up again.They then took some samples and sent them for testing to find out what was going on.

When I picked him up at 8.30 he seemed alright, no more lethergic and annoyed than expected, and wolfed down his favourite pilchard cat food when I put it down. Because of the crash I was told to not give him any more insulin until I was told to in case it sent him right down again.

The next evening the vet called and said he seems to have gone into remission for his diabetes but his kidney function has deteriorated so no more cat milk and high protein food and here's some powder (Ipakitine) to sprinkle over the renal kibble and move him over to renal pouches, with the powder sprinkled on it. This of course is another thing not available from the pet shop so back to Amazon to order some, due Monday.

He seemed lively enough yesterday, even going out for a walk which he's done very rarely of late. He'll follow us out into the garden but not go out himself so we think this may be a good sign. Had fish and chips for tea and the usual dividend was asked for and recieved with relish.

He's spent today mostly lying on the kitchen floor near his dishes, drinking, and has even ignored tuna. This cat never ignores tuna.

We're taking him back to the vet at 4. I hope he's coming home but right now I'm not sure.
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