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Half term survived

The house is quiet again. Managed to survive half term but the wallet is rather dented. It was doing OK until we went out to Ikea for a couple of shelves for the bookcase on the landing so we could get the last of the graphics shelved properly. The road out there goes past Ellend Road stadium where the Valentines Fair is held and as soon as the kids saw the rides they wanted to go. We managed a 24 hour reprieve due to lack of ready cash but Sunday was clear and bright if a little parky so off to the fair we went. I have now turned the paper money, the milk money and Hal's lunch money into a small pile of cheap cuddly toys including a rather nervous looking snow tiger that Jodie won for me.

All change today, the fog outside is so thick that I can't see the past the first line of trees in the wood at the end of the road (four houses and a street width away) and it's getting thicker with what is either light snow or the fog freezing out into little filaments. It's not real flakes, more like the bits you get if you cut fake fur and trim the pile as you cut. Either way it's the sort of weather that does not agree with my lungs.

We're still waiting for Hal's transfer to his new school. The place is there but the transport is still to be set up. Unfortunately the lady in the education department who is in charge of his case was off for the week before half term so nothing got done then and of course there is little you can do in half term because there's no-one in the schools to arrange anything with. Hopefully it can now get sorted but for the moment he's back at the old place. In some ways I'm not sorry, if the weathers like this in the city what will it be like 12 miles out in the country.


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19th Feb, 2008 15:56 (UTC)
Re: A not-nervous Snow Tiger
I like it.
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