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School day 2

Hal's first day was a bit of a mixed bag. The problem with being picked up by the bus is that we are the second stop and it then has to go round all the other pick up points before getting to school. This took over an hour and Hals stomach rebelled. They cleaned him up and gave him some spare clothes to wear for the day but it was not the best of starts. Once he was settled in class he seems to have had a good day and his teacher was impressed with his maths work but it was decided that maybe he shouldn't go home on the bus. Luckily there's another boy near here who goes in a taxi so they sent him home in that. He's gone in the same way today which should be under half an hours ride so here's hoping it suits him better.

One advantage of the taxi is he now gets picked up at 8.45 so Harry drops Jodie off at school on his way to the bus and I wait with Hal for his ride. On days Harry's away or has a really early meeting I can send her down the road to her friends house and she can walk in with her.

Off to town now to bank Hal's disability cheques and buy a present for one of Jodie's friends who's birthday it is today. She only told me last night...

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