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Pluses :-
Good con with lots of people not seen in years appearing out the woodwork.
Getting kissed twice by Neil Gaimen.
Managing to avoid working all weekend despite signing up for tech.

Jodie getting Chickenpox on Saturday.
No real central passing area in hotel so sure I've missed people.
Sore feet from not enough chairs.

Plots are already being made for two years hence for the water feature on the top floor. No, not the bottle of fairy liquid in the intake, unfair to maintainance and not enough movement in the water to make it work anyway. Hovercraft are another matter...


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27th Mar, 2008 20:52 (UTC)
I get the impression it was a funner time than usual (for recent Eastercons), this year...?
28th Mar, 2008 09:25 (UTC)
It wasn't as much of a relaxacon as last year but it was definately one of the more fun ones of recent years. I think people were getting more back into the relaxed spirit of the 90s rather than the more serious feel that I've been picking up in recent years.
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28th Mar, 2008 09:21 (UTC)
Hal has a hovercraft. I was chatting with 1/2R about the possibilities of solar powered apollo capsules with flotation bags and a parachute on Sunday. Fishing gnomes were also mentioned.
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