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Hal has now added chickenpox to the nasty cough he's been cultivating since Easter. Somehow I don't think he's going back to school on Monday. At least he seems to be a milder case, it's a lot harder to join the dots and only a few are the real classic blisters.

Oh well, better start the clock again for when I can get down the blood center and bang goes my chance of getting to the garden center for those new tubs I want for the front for another week.


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5th Apr, 2008 13:35 (UTC)
Poor Hal! Hope he recovers soon.
5th Apr, 2008 16:06 (UTC)
well, at least he gets it over with.
5th Apr, 2008 16:52 (UTC)
Oh what fun :( Hope he's better soon.
5th Apr, 2008 21:19 (UTC)
That's the beauty of a new school all those new disease contacts.
Hope he is better soon.
6th Apr, 2008 07:22 (UTC)
We think it's from his old school, given that his sister went down with it first.

Monday morning promises to be fun - she goes down the doctor's to report, while I ring around and tell folks he's not going anywhere.
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