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Hal is obviously one of those types who likes to take a germ and give it time to do its thing. Starting from just a few spots on Saturday he now looks like something out of a Warner cartoon that's just had a wasps nest dumped on its head. He also refuses to be painted with Calamine because it's pink. I'm also keeping an eye on his mouth because he says it hurts to eat and I'm not betting on it just being a sore throat from the cough. I'm just hoping that this is all the spots now and it's uphill from here. He's certainly not going to school for a week.


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7th Apr, 2008 12:59 (UTC)
Oh, ow. Poor Hal. I'd say 'give him a hug from me' only it would probably make him itch more.

You could try telling him that when calamine dries it makes you look as if you've got leprosy...
7th Apr, 2008 19:18 (UTC)
Not sure he's going to be convinced by that but could try. May have to wait till he's asleep then sneek attack.
7th Apr, 2008 13:19 (UTC)
Will he let you give him a path in porridge? They told me that would help Alex when he had it, but his go round was light. Amy has yet to catch it, but I hope it happens while she's still at nursery.
7th Apr, 2008 19:20 (UTC)
The porridge one is an idea, maybe I can convince him it's a new experiment instead of his usual 'how many types of bubble bath and shampoo can I get in here at a time?' one.
7th Apr, 2008 15:13 (UTC)
Poor Hal...
7th Apr, 2008 16:45 (UTC)
see if you can find a local anesthetic cream - it will be white, fading to clear on the skin, but should stop the itch. "Lanacane" is the one I have for midgie (and mozzie) bites. (I got very badly bitten by the mosquitoes when I was in Italy the other year)
7th Apr, 2008 19:20 (UTC)
I'll ask Harry to have a look in Boots tomorrow.
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