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Meal Master

I have just got my paws on an Asus Eee thanks to autopope and murphys_lawyers got it fitted up with windows XP for me (he likes playing with new toys so I let him swear at it).  It still needs a little fine tuning but it's a nice toy. 

One of the things I want to use it for is loading in my box of recipie cards so I can actually use them instead of them gathering dust in a corner because it's too much fag to search through them to find something that fits the leftovers in the fridge.  Anyone out there use stuff like that and if so do you have any good suggestions on which programme to use?  I'm thinking of mealmaster since that was the one dduane mentioned when we were talking about stuff like this last time I saw her (which was long enough ago in person for my memory to possibly be wrong but the site looks like what I remember).  Any thoughts?


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5th Jun, 2008 00:45 (UTC)
I'm left wondering whether you were asking for suggestions about left overs?

As regards MealMaster there is a freebie
Which is either easy to use or hard depending on the review! It does however accept MealMaster files.
5th Jun, 2008 09:18 (UTC)
I've got my set list of things to do with leftovers, what I want is to be able to easily search my recipies for more ideas. There's only so may ways you can muck about with sheperds pie, hash and casserole. I'm thinking of downloading the freebie now we've got the laptop configured to the network but I was hoping someone out there already used it and had some feedback.
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