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Yesterday I was stuck in the house waiting for the gas board to send someone to do the service on my boiler that should have been done in May when they fixed the timer so I decided to get on with tidying the kids floor. They've got cupboards under the eves which got loads of black dust in them when they stripped the old roof so it wasn't just throw stuff back in boxes as usual but a proper clean up. Since the door bell is bust this was done in short bursts so I could keep coming down to where I could hear if someone hammered on the door and so only finished the landing, washroom and Hal's room. The plan today was finish Jodies then do the shopping but this is now totally scuppered...

Last night Hal decided he needed a Nintendo cartridge he hadn't played in ages and I had no idea where he'd left it so just told him go look where he last had it. His room. When I went up there about an hour or so later, after finding the cartridge in the box in the study, where it had been since probably Whitsun with the rest of the games we took on holiday, I found out what all the banging had been over my head. He had got out of his cupboard every toy box he has and emptied the same over every surface in his room leaving barely enough room to get to his bed and no room in same to sleep in either. The only way he could get to bed was to just lift the duvet and dump that pile on the floor too. Now, instead of about an hour's work just picking up some dolls and taking out and replacing some nice tidy boxes in Jodies room before doing the shopping, I have about a mornings work reboxing the boys entire life.

Yes, I know some will say make him do it but he finds the organizational skills needed to keep on task and do this sort of thing hard. I think it's part of his autism from what I've read in places. He's getting better as he gets older but with friends coming to play later it will be quicker if I do it this time. Shouldn't take long with the right music on the CD player. Bat Out Of Hell should do it.

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