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Not really posted much lately what with one thing and another so I figured it's time to do so.

Whitsun was the usual family trip to Center Parc. Jodie got more swimming lessons and tried horse riding again after finding it fun on her Brownie camp. Hal spent a lot of time pootling about in the woods pretending to be Imperial ATST walkers chasing Ewoks, when he wasn't spending all our money in the arcade on Mario Kart or playing Krazy Golf on the rather worn out course behind the sports center. murphys_lawyer disappeared into the pool most afternoons and imitated the action of the basking whale. Mum went and enjoyed the talks at the ranger station on owls, knitted and read. I spent time either trying to correct my tendance to pull to the left in 10 pin bowling or lounging outside the sports center bar with a book and a pint while the kids roared round the play park, until I picked up a stomach bug and spent the last day lying on the sofa feeling terrible and watching the red squirrels out the window.

June 22nd saw me abandoning murphys_lawyer and the kids for the day while I trundled over to Lancaster for maeve_the_reds first book signing. Apart from nearly getting brained by a large lump of tree in the gales as I walked down from the station it was a pretty damn good day. Good book too and I will get that review I promised up on Amazon soon.

The family was abandoned yet again on the 2nd as I had tickets for the King Tut exhibit at the dome. I've wanted to see this stuff since the British Museum show back in 1972 but Mum wouldn't take me to that as she said I was too young so there was no way I was missing it again. The original idea was to do the Terracotta Warriors as well after Easter but life and Chicken Pox put paid to that. It was wonderful even if you had to spend most of the time dodging school parties. In some ways the school parties added to the fun as there was always the odd one who you could tell was bored with Miss and listening to us argue about stuff instead because we obviously knew more of the interesting bits they weren't getting taught. Did get a filthy look from one teacher who overheard the discussion on why Akhenaten and his kids all had funny shaped heads. I don' t think she appreciated my point that they had a polluted gene pool because the Egyptian Royal House was as insestuous as a barn full of alley cats.

Went to the Tun afterwards and caught up with several friends. Sad conversation with Barbara and John about Big Chris. Why do the good ones have to go so soon. Chatted about various things with highstone including Flanders and Swann which inspired a small side trip into HMV today.

One of the annoying things that went missing when we moved a few years ago was a boxed set of Flanders and Swann with their three best known albums in. I've kept putting off replacing it in case it surfaced but decided while I was in Leeds shopping for exciting things like new socks for the kids to check out the HMV sale. I've been gradually replacing some of my more beat up records over the years and decided to pop in and see if Bat Out Of Hell and Number Of The Beast were in the bargain racks and I was in the mood for a little eardrum assaulting. Also grabbed a cheap copy of The Best Of Motorhead. I then wondered if they had the missing F&S so wandered into the quiet sanctuary of the Classical and Easy Listening section. There I not only found the set I wanted but also the collectors edition.


This has on it, apart from the expected stuff, And Then We Wrote which I believe has been out of print for 35 years. Grabbed as it will save the fun job of ripping to disc murphys_lawyers mothers old copy with all the pops and crackles plus the odd jumpy bits where she dropped the needle on rather than place it properly.

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