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Filk unearthed

I've been doing some tidying and found one of my old filk folders with this in it.  I think today is the day to post it up.  I'm thinking of updating this for next year.  It was written for the 20th anniversary in a very bitter mood and I'm not sure if I ever performed it.

Empty Eyrie

Twenty years since we landed here
And still the Moon stands bare
But man has left his mark on her
With abandoned star spangled banner unfurled
And tracks that will never fade

ch: And we should have done more
    Now the time has fled
    Mankind still is tied down to the Earth

Once we sent them to the Moon
America's brightest and best
Two of them on a July day
Stepped on a soil so far away
And history carved their names

In '74 we left the Moon
And have to return to her yet
Littered still with debris of Man
And a small brass plaque to say we came
But little of lasting worth

Only one outpost have we
And pitifully small for the time
Politics and power games
Have taken the drive from our dreams
And left us but dreaming still

Weaponry circles round our world
We take our squabbles to space
Power games 'mongst foolish men
Rob us of trust and what have we then
'Cept fear and hate and pain


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21st Jul, 2008 13:40 (UTC)
I'm thinking of updating this for next year

There's the aXXIdental songbook...
21st Jul, 2008 13:44 (UTC)
That's one of the reasons I was thinking of updating it. May make it a little more optimistic this time as we do seem to at last be moving in the right direction again with all the money being thrown in by private companies.
21st Jul, 2008 14:37 (UTC)
It's be good to see that exploration moving forward again. :)
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