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Gonna need one hell of a big rolled up newspaper for this one.



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3rd Sep, 2008 20:13 (UTC)
so you're not up for a wee trip to Liverpool this weekend?


3rd Sep, 2008 20:40 (UTC)
Only if they let me take a howitzer.
(Deleted comment)
4th Sep, 2008 07:23 (UTC)
Should do the job and easier to get on the train. May not have the power to knock the thing from the side of the building though.
3rd Sep, 2008 20:23 (UTC)
Or Sting.
3rd Sep, 2008 20:42 (UTC)
I wonder how well balanced for throwing that thing was. I wouldn't like to get close enough to use it hand to hand without invisibility.
3rd Sep, 2008 21:18 (UTC)
3rd Sep, 2008 21:42 (UTC)
Here's some books big enough to drop on him.

4th Sep, 2008 07:25 (UTC)
Me: What has the Mayor of London got to do with Liverpool, other than wind them up in the Spectator?

were_gopher: not that Boris.

Me: then Boris who?

were_gopher: Precisely.

Me: ...


Me: D'oh!

4th Sep, 2008 08:00 (UTC)
Hasn't he grown? *pats fondly* Fine big chap he's turned into...
4th Sep, 2008 09:47 (UTC)
Holy. Crap!!

Rolled up newspaper nothing, we're gonna have to nuke that big bastard!!

Geeze... did they even stop to think about arachnophobics reactions?!
(Deleted comment)
4th Sep, 2008 11:22 (UTC)
Yeah I saw that.. by weapons grade, they mean a 1cm 100watt solid-state infra-red laser capable of being mounted on a truck. Of course, that's continuous wave... if you want a pulsed version, it's more BFG rifle sized. [with back-pack batteries!]

There's a company a short walk from where I am that builds electro-magnetic coil guns, aka gauss guns, with a muzzle velocity of around 3500 ft/s, at 6000 rounds/s with a 2" inch diameter tungsten steel bullet. [they're supposed to be used in some sort of industrial process really.]

You could lift one of their guns... but you'd need one heck of an extension cable!
(Deleted comment)
4th Sep, 2008 12:26 (UTC)

Yup, Agricultural machinery parts... getting around import laws since 1776. [guns were forbidden to be imported to the american colonies, so the revolutionaries listed them as 'agricultural implements'].

Mind you, still not as impressive as Operation Ploughshare. One heck of excuse to build more nukes!
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