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After only five years I've finally started on sorting out the library.  First move was to shift stuff about in the hall so I could get another book case in the space by the kitchen.  One chest height Billy Bookcase is now three quarters full and most of that is double stacked with all the detective / spy / humour / classics and other misc stuff. 

Second stage is cataloging and boxing the Star Trek and Dr Who collections since they don't get re-read as often.  They're going to be kept along under the bottom of the shelves and hopefully keeping down the drafts from under the skirting boards.  Then I get to put the rest of the stuff back on the shelves in order from Adams to Zetford.  Including the three crates under the bedroom window and five piles behind the door of stuff not yet read.  I've already sorted out the four piles of read and not re-shelved that had built up in the library.  All piles are at least waist high of course.

Once this is done we can then get murphys_lawyer 's Mothers collection out of storage and see what we want out of that.  Probably a lot of duplication in there but she probably had earlier editions.

All this includes loading the lot into Library Thing.

The cat of course is not happy.  Usually the library is one of the best places to sleep since it is both quiet and has an excellent view of the garden, including the bird feeders.

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