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Went to the docs for my flu shot today. Happily chatting with the nurse after that when she noticed I hadn't had a pneumonia one so she stuffed me full of that too. Meant to have it last year but they hadn't had the stock in on the day and forgot to make another appointment when they did get restocked. Now feeling rather sore in the left bicep and getting a little fuzzy. I know it's better than the alternative but that don't stop you feeling bleurgh.

At least it's half term and I've managed to bully/bribe the kids into doing all their homework already so I can just curl up in the corner with a stack of bubblegum for the mind. The pile of new Dr Who and Star Trek I just got from At The Sign Of The Dragon should do. Failing that I'll shove the kids off the TV and settle down with the first season of Robin Of Sherwood which is still far better than this new thing the BBC are trying to pass off as Robin Hood.

I'm becoming more and more of the opinion they've tried to save money on costumes by palming them off with some old stuff from Blake's 7. Gisburn certainly looks like he's wearing some of Avons cast offs under that Australian cattlemans coat he seems to favour.

Maybe those tapes that went missing were an inside job by one of the actors who suddenly realized too late what he'd let himself in for. I'll keep watching it but it's definitely in an MST3K mode now.

Still got to watch last nights opener for Torchwood. It's got to be better, hasn't it?


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23rd Oct, 2006 14:56 (UTC)
Torchwood is bloody brilliant. Robin Thud pales into complete insignificance alongside it.
24th Oct, 2006 23:09 (UTC)
Watched it now. Totally agree. If it can keep this up then it's going to more than make up for the crappyness of Robin Hood.
23rd Oct, 2006 15:10 (UTC)
well, with Torchwood, you can *see* it's a spin off from Dr Who - it's got some of the same feeling, but at the same time, they fairly well established their "more adult" ratings - in fact they managed that in the first 30 seconds!

24th Oct, 2006 23:11 (UTC)
Raising the dead in the first and mad monkey sex in a nightclub ladies in the second. yep, definitely adult . Bloody good tho.
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