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Hal has a bellyache.

He has eaten over the course of the day (as far as we can tell)  some chocolate tree decorations, four mince pies, about a quarter of a baguette, a box of raisins, three chocolate yazoo, a bottle of powerade, half a dozen pigs in blankets, a plate of meatballs and spaghetti, half a chocolate snowman and an entire chocolate Santa (after we told him no more snowman).


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26th Dec, 2008 23:40 (UTC)
I love his logic - no more snowman - I'll eat Santa instead.

Not an uncommon occurrence for Christmas. I'm surprised he didn't explode with that lot.
26th Dec, 2008 23:47 (UTC)
The stomach capacity of the eleven year old male is a law unto itself. It's lucky for him he prefers elasticated track suit type trousers instead of jeans.
26th Dec, 2008 23:48 (UTC)
Ha! well done that lad.

My uncle Reginald Weller, who was nearly 100, died a couple of weeks ago. My deep and abiding memory of him is when he gave me a whole box of Turkish Delight one Christmas, and hid me out on the stairs in the hall where no-one could find me. I must have been about Hal's age.
26th Dec, 2008 23:56 (UTC)
I'm glad I didn't bring out the turkish delight or the marzipan fruits or the grownups chocci biccis or I think he's be even more stuffed. The perils of having the family over for a buffet lunch would have been even greater.

Maybe giving in to the demand for spaghetti and meatballs after everyone had left was not as good an idea as it seemed. It was only after comparing notes later after he started complaining that we worked out what he'd stuffed inside himself.
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