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Finally getting started on them this weekend. Luckily I've managed to find the emergency reserve pile of manikins as the cheapest I've managed to find in town were 12 quid each. At least the plan is a relatively simple one this year so it shouldn't take too long (fingers crossed).



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17th Jan, 2009 16:28 (UTC)
Have fun. ;)

...and thanks. :)
17th Jan, 2009 22:10 (UTC)
What he said :-)

In general is it worth me keeping my eye out for cheap manikins, and what is cheap in your experience?
18th Jan, 2009 00:30 (UTC)
The last few years I've been paying no more than a fiver each at places like The Works. The ones I'm using for this years are actually the black painted ones that I've had sitting about since Southsea.
If you see any about the fiver or so price range with a decent wide base (the extra box space gives me more scope) then that'll be good but I have a horrible feeling the price in general is going up like everything else. The 12 quid ones were Smiths and they are always expensive, artists shops even more so.
18th Jan, 2009 00:47 (UTC)
So noted. I'll keep my eyes open. Pity I didn't think/know about this on Friday, as there's a new shop, Tiger, up in Finchley (where I went to do my shopping in Aldi for a change) which sells all sorts of stuff cheap, and they do have art stuff - I didn't notice if they had the manikins, but it might almost be worth another 90p each way on the bus for me next week to go and look for you.
19th Jan, 2009 14:35 (UTC)
Don't worry about making a special trip since I've got enough to do this years but if you are up that way and see some then please do grab four for me and I can stuff them on the shelf for next year.
19th Jan, 2009 17:04 (UTC)
I went up there today - I wanted to go to the Sainsbury's up there anyway to get more coffee (they do their own Gold Roast in tins at £5.99), so I popped into Tiger as well as the local art shop. Art shop had them at £9.99 with a round base; none in Tiger, alas, but it's the sort of thing they could well have in at some point, as the stock rotates, and according to their website nothing costs over £10! So I'll continue to keep my eye open, there and elsewhere.
20th Jan, 2009 17:43 (UTC)
I have got you four of the 12" minikins from Paperchase, at £4.75 each (total £19). They had some at about £6 and some at £11+, and some smaller (8"?) ones at £3-something. They've only got the smallish (3" diameter?) round bases, but better than nothing!

I'll see you at the con with them.
20th Jan, 2009 17:44 (UTC)
s/minikins/manikins. Pah.
21st Jan, 2009 08:27 (UTC)
Cheers, if nothing else they'll do for a new emergency supply in case I keep having trouble finding the things up here.
21st Jan, 2009 14:29 (UTC)
They look to be the same size bases as what you've used the last two years (looking at my photos from the past two cons), so I think they'll be OK.
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