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Had a fun time making things go boom, fizz, crackle and whoosh this evening. Invited some of the kids friends over to watch which I think adds to the fun. Kids do show their appreciation so well, apart from the toddler who got the life scared out of him by a Roman Candle and howled for the next five minutes. Charlie Stross was down visiting his sister so we had them over too which led to fun conversation afterward about what exactly we were commemorating and does anyone really bother after all these centuries. A conversation that rapidly descended into the usual my tech is more compact than your tech that any conversation between Harry and Charlie tends to do as soon as either of them decides to look something up.

Had even more fun this afternoon making the rack to make things go whoosh from. Our garden has many rocks just under the surface so if you try to hammer in a launch tube for rockets you can almost guarantee it will fall over before enough rockets have been fired so we've made a five shot rack on an a-frame arrangement that can be set up anywhere in the garden. Pictures hopefully to follow once I've downloaded the camera to the Mac and transferred them over.

Took our minds off EasterCon anyway. Now to cuddle the cat, who has not been happy since the berks on Friday night outside at midnight, facing each other with a 3 foot roman candle each and playing gunfighters.


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5th Nov, 2006 19:31 (UTC)
I've just had a nice half-hour standing between the curtains and the window watching the caretaker and his daughter & son-in-law & grandchildren having their fireworks in the next garden but one. I couldn't tell what they were using for a launch rack/platform. I remember when I was a child, Dad used to use a milkbottle.

You can't get milkbottles any more, though.
5th Nov, 2006 21:48 (UTC)
They probably had the plastic tubes that come with the rockets. We used similar tubing but nailed it down. The sticks are too long on what we buy to use milk bottles for launchers, even though I still get my milk delivered to the door in glass.
5th Nov, 2006 21:50 (UTC)
No, the ordinary short bottles are too short. I think we used to borrow a sterilized-milk bottle from the neighbours - they were taller, more like a wine bottle, with a longer neck than the ordinary ones.
5th Nov, 2006 21:55 (UTC)
I know the ones you mean. I have horrible memories of having to drink sterilized milk at my Grans 'cos she never had any decent silver top.

Still too short for my idea of a decent rocket though. I like stuff that go boom in pretty bursts not just whoosh fizz. We have a pro shop near us that also sells to regular nutters.
5th Nov, 2006 20:52 (UTC)
We shared our fireworks with my little nephew - he's just turned one. We were babysitting anyway so we decided to see how he responded. He loved them, at least until his mum came to pick him up. Then he decided enough was enough and he wanted to go home now please!

Mind you I like the idea of a launch rack, but how do you get them to ignite in a rack? One at a time or wired together. Si had a go at taping two, trouble was one set off and went boom satisfactorily. The second blew up in next doors garden - oops!
5th Nov, 2006 21:45 (UTC)
The current model is just to hold the tubes in place so it's still just light the fuse and shift. I've got them spaced and have an evil enough lighter that I can set them off in sequence that way (It's not so much a lighter as a pocket bunsen burner with a 1/4 inch tight blue flame). Wired firing is something to look into for next year maybe if I feel mad enough.
6th Nov, 2006 23:04 (UTC)
We used a lighter like that too!
5th Nov, 2006 21:48 (UTC)
facing each other with a 3 foot roman candle each and playing gunfighters

Think of it as evolution in action.
5th Nov, 2006 21:50 (UTC)
I was thinking that actually, followed by pitying the poor sod who'd have to stitch the bits back on if they survived.
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