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Book Meme. All the answers

No-one guessed the first two but then I stuck them in there to be evil as well as because they are two series of books I dip into again and again if I'm feeling rough because they are good easy reads.

I have a soft spot for the TV adaptation of The Martian Chronicles because it was that which made me search out a copy of the book and start a lifelong love of Bradburys work. He was the only writer I ever agreed with my English teacher about.

The Blue Aura is my favorite of Walters books mainly because it was the first place I learned about the wartime tunnels in the Channel Islands, an idea that fascinated me when I was young.

King Solomon's Mines is one of the only books my Mum specifically recommended to me. Usually when any of us moaned about being bored in the holidays we'd just get told "well you know where the bookshelf is and, if nothing there grabs you, how to get to the library". I think I must have been getting to her this one time because after moaning, again, about being bored she didn't come out with the usual litany but instead went into the back room and came out with this small red hardback, stuffed it into my hands and said "read this and shut up". It worked, I steadily worked my way through all the Quartermain books and have been helping Mum fill holes in her Haggard collection ever since.

1. George, Kate, Sally = Gideon of Scotland Yard by John Creasey writing as J J Marric

2. Janet, Martin, Richard = Inspector West by John Creasey

3. Gabriel de Witt, Conrad Tesdinic, Christopher = Chrestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones (guessed by
sbisson )

4. Pierre Arronax, Ned Land, Consiel = 20000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne (guessed by [info]antonia_tiger )

5. Johann Sebastian Bach Smith, Eunice Branca, Jake Salomon = I Will Fear No Evil by Robert Heinlein (guessed by occams_pyramid )

Robinette Broadhead, Gelle-Klara Moynlin, Sigfrid von Shrink = The Heechee Saga by Fred Pohl (guessed by occams_pyramid )

7. Nathaniel York, Sam Parkhill, Walter Gripp = The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury (guessed by sbisson )

8. Chris Godfrey, General Whittle, Morrey Kant = The Blue Aura by Hugh Walters (guessed by
sbisson  )

9. Jestocost, Sto Odin, Arabella Underwood = The Instrumentality Of Mankind by Cordwainer Smith (guessed by occams_pyramid )

10. José Silvestre, King Twala, Ignosi = King Solomon's Mines by H Rider Haggard  (series guessed by aunty_marion , title guessed by antonia_tiger )


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10th May, 2009 22:05 (UTC)
2. Janet, Martin, Richard = Inspector West by John Creasey

If that had been Margaret, Martin, Richard, I'd have had a guess, but I couldn't find a Janet in the books I had in mind.
11th May, 2009 08:07 (UTC)
Margaret? Wests familys names are Janet, Martin (called Scoopy) and Richard, says so on the first page of Holiday For Inspector West.
11th May, 2009 21:11 (UTC)
I know, I'm just saying, the guess I came up with was wrong, because there was no Janet there.
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