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I feel old

I've just had to explain to Jodie who The Beatles were so she could get the gag in the cartoon she's watching.


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7th Jul, 2009 16:03 (UTC)
and The Beatles were actually before your time.
7th Jul, 2009 16:37 (UTC)
Not quite. I was three when they broke up and brother no2 liked them
7th Jul, 2009 16:43 (UTC)
technically "your time", musically, is supposed to be your teens and twenties. yes, you might remember music from your childhood, but that's "before your time".

(Deleted comment)
7th Jul, 2009 16:54 (UTC)
they used to play our local discos before they became really big. We preferred "Bilbo Baggins" though. The BCR were a bunch of really creepy guys. Even as teenagers.
7th Jul, 2009 16:57 (UTC)
Hmmm... I was 12 in 1970, so i guess they're just "before my time" too. I guess that makes some sort of sense. "Imagine" was the first LP my (17 months younger, but discovered "teenage" things sooner) sister bought...
7th Jul, 2009 17:39 (UTC)
On that criteria then they're only just in your time then. You are about the same age as Harry aren't you...
7th Jul, 2009 17:46 (UTC)
actually I would have said that they were "just before" my time. they certainly weren't a major influence on the charts when I started buying records. I knew of them, but only when my Dad played their records.

Any group your Dad listens to is automatically "before your time"!!!!

7th Jul, 2009 18:15 (UTC)
My Dad listened to Deanna Durbin, or as he sometimes called her Dena Dustbin.
7th Jul, 2009 17:52 (UTC)
considering that John Lennon left the group in 1969 - so the band broke up then - and I wasn't buying singles or LPs till I was about 14 - back then one's music buying career tended to start later. Kids of Jodie's age didn't know about the charts and actual pop music - we got Ed "Stewpot" Stewart playing stuff like "Three Wheels On My Wagon" and "The Runaway Train", or even "The Laughing Policeman".
7th Jul, 2009 18:17 (UTC)
Thats one thing that can definately stay in the past. These days they go straight to Radio 1.
7th Jul, 2009 16:05 (UTC)
7th Jul, 2009 17:37 (UTC)
So our daughter could be a High Court judge when she grows up?
7th Jul, 2009 17:39 (UTC)
You can hope. Then she can afford to keep us in our old age.
16th Jul, 2009 16:54 (UTC)
"A band that broke up forty years ago." ?

Hey, next year will be the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles name.

Does it get you down, 'cause it's decades past?
Strawberry Fields...
A time now unreal
Our children have not heard about
The Sixties, the Beatles, not ever.
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