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Mungo sez "Life Sux"

Mungo had a little run in with the Persian from round the corner last night. Normally nothing much but this time I think big grey and fluffy must have got in a lucky shot. When I went to go to bed there was Mungo sitting on the end with his usual look of "about time you came and gave me my evening fuss" and under him was this pink damp spot. I patted it with a tissue and it came away red. A quick call to the vet and she said to clip the fur if we could and then bathe the wound with saline. Not the easiest of tasks and, because it was still bleeding, we phoned again and were told to keep an eye on him and bring him in the next morning.

This morning Harry took Jodie to school while I loaded the cat in to the car and then went to pick him up so we could take Mungo up to the vet. When the vet shaved the matted fur away we could see two nice classic puncture marks where the Persian had got in a full bite. He has now had a shot of antibiotic, a painkiller, a course of pills to start on Friday, a few days stuck inside and a nice plastic coller to stop him licking the bite. The look I'm getting is foul. The wound is still weeping a little but that should wash out any residual dirt so all I've got to make sure is he stays off anything pale like Jodies Barbie bedspread or the paperwork I've got spread all over the back room table.

Now to try and find the Petplan paperwork to see if it's worth claiming.


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15th Jul, 2009 11:21 (UTC)
Ugh. Losing a fight *and* wearing the satellite antenna. Poor cat.
15th Jul, 2009 15:42 (UTC)
I think the thing that is annoying him the most now is that he can't rub himself on the stair posts or door frames like he usually does. He's also having trouble fitting through the bannister to get from the stairs to the soft furry platform on top of his scratching pole.
15th Jul, 2009 12:20 (UTC)
The look I'm getting is foul.

...and you've not yet started trying to get him to swallow the pills, either. Good luck! I hope he recovers quickly without inflicting too much pain on you or your wallet. ;)
15th Jul, 2009 15:44 (UTC)
The vet said the pills can be crushed into food so I see a lot of tuna in Mungo's future. As to the pain in the wallet, that's what Petplan is for. Luckily todays bill was only £60, we have a very reasonable vet.
15th Jul, 2009 13:47 (UTC)
Just as well you noticed, cat bites almost always form abscesses if untreated. Poor ol'Mungo though...
15th Jul, 2009 15:39 (UTC)
Hard to ignore a cat bleeding all over your bed really. The wound was still weeping a bit this morning which the vet figured a good thing as that would reduce the chance of it abcessing.
15th Jul, 2009 23:14 (UTC)
Aww Poor Mungo hope he recovers soon. At least with the wound bleeding like that less chance of an infection, hopefully. Though that doesn't stop him having to take the dreaded meds.
16th Jul, 2009 08:14 (UTC)
The wounds have stopped weeping now but he is very clingy. I woke up this morning with cramp in both my legs because he's been sleeping on me. The next indignity will probably be trying to shave off the rest of the matted fur on his front because he's beginning to whiff. Old blood is never a nice smell, unless you're a vampire I suppose...
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