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One for the Americans (and book geeks)

I'm redating and reposting this because I suddenly realized that most of the people who I need to see and comment on this were likely to have been off doing stuff over the holiday weekend. I really could do with some thoughts here people, it's for a charity I'm connected with who want to get the best return from a donation.

If you found an old and possibly rare book of historical interest to Americans which auction house would you take it to.


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8th Sep, 2009 11:40 (UTC)
Do you mean if you were in America, or if you were in the UK?

(Not that I have an answer either way (if it was me, I'd just get Googling auction houses and see if they say what they specialise in), just thought it needed clarifying. [APOLOGETIC SHRUG] =:o\ )

8th Sep, 2009 12:10 (UTC)
I'm wondering which one Americans think of when you say rare books.
8th Sep, 2009 11:41 (UTC)
I'd personally get it appraised first, firstly to decide if it was rare, and secondly to see just how valuable it was. [not all rare books are].

After that, I'd reckon on one of the main London houses, who also have NYC branches. Sotherby's for example.

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8th Sep, 2009 12:12 (UTC)
An initial search shows only one copy in auction in the last 30 years and that went for over 800 quid. This is why I'm being a bit careful about what I say on an open channel.
8th Sep, 2009 12:25 (UTC)
[PENNY DROP] Oh! I was assuming this was background info for a writing project. =:o} [FOREHEAD SLAP]
8th Sep, 2009 12:30 (UTC)
Reasonable assumption. You don't expect to find anything really worth sending to an auction in a box of old books sent in to a small local charity.
8th Sep, 2009 12:25 (UTC)
Personally my first step would be to ask Brian Ameringen for ideas.
8th Sep, 2009 12:31 (UTC)
I'm thinking of contacting him direct to pick his brain as well as hoping Caroline will see this and point him at it.

(later)emailed Brian now.

Edited at 2009-09-08 13:34 (UTC)
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