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new old shiny

After getting more and more fed up about how my old phone would only charge when it felt like it and even then not always hold it I've finally gone out and got a new one. Had a bit of fun in the shop I got it from. The assistant who sold me it said £70 but when his boss started putting it through the system he said the computer had it down as £100. After a bit of tooing and froing about this it turned out the assistant had quoted me the 'as seen with no box of bits' price then given it a factory reset and dug out a box with all the cables and manuals. They knocked it down to £90 which suited me as it was still £20 less than I'd seen it elsewhere.

I've worked out how to get it to transfer all my old contacts from the sim to it's own directory, now I've got to work out how to sort the ring tones. This could get silly.


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21st Oct, 2009 10:40 (UTC)
Wow, there's no way I can fit all my contacts onto a sim :-)

Of course you back up your phone to your computer ... don't you? I'm shocked by the number of otherwise intelligent people who post out "lost my phone, have no one's phone number, please leave a screened comment here if I should have your details" posts to LJ ... but then I'm regularly carrying three phones with me, so I use the laptop to cross-sync them :-) (which remindsd me, it's time to do it again!

Oh, and thanks for helping pay my salary :-) and I hope you have many enjoyable hours of fun with your phone!
21st Oct, 2009 15:07 (UTC)
We have a master address book on the Mac and even (shock horror)a proper old fashioned paper address book in the hall (actually it's several waiting for me to go through along with the wiggle list and put into a single book but that's another matter). What is on the phone are the numbers of people I'm likely to need to catch on the move or are likely going to need to get hold of me so i know who's calling.

Glad to see a few of my pennys will go to a good cause.
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