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I love the 21st century

Sitting in Leeds watching the Hugo ceremony in Melbourn.



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5th Sep, 2010 10:37 (UTC)
Thanks for that, but I was just in time to see everyone walk off the stage after the Cambell award was announced, once the %*^£"!!* advert was finished. Did you see who won?
5th Sep, 2010 10:50 (UTC)
Seanan McGuire won the Campbell award for Best New Writer - I managed to get a feed at just that moment.
5th Sep, 2010 10:54 (UTC)
5th Sep, 2010 10:43 (UTC)
Feed is a bit iffy for me, stopped on long enough to check that Flick and Mike didn't have any silverwear for me but it's too choppy to leave running.
Hope Paul Cornell wins something!

5th Sep, 2010 10:57 (UTC)
Thanks - I'm dipping in though the quality is not great. Nice to see Fred Pohl get Fanwriter, even if very expected.

Sympathy Sue, though Brad Foster is a good Artist!

5th Sep, 2010 11:08 (UTC)
Brad is a stunning artist, a nice guy and very generous with his art to boot. No complaints there.
And I have two Hugos, why on earth would I need any more?

Did anyone see who won Fanzine, it cut out for me.

Dr Plokta has taken Steve Davis as his date. Should we start a rumour?
Flick is doing Hugo newsletter, Guilia is visiting her Mum but why should that stop us?

5th Sep, 2010 11:09 (UTC)
Hugo website has a text feed that is actually ahead of the video feed.

5th Sep, 2010 11:16 (UTC)
And Agatha won again!
5th Sep, 2010 11:32 (UTC)
Yay for Charlie!
6th Sep, 2010 15:36 (UTC)
I think it was pretty 21st century that I edited three issues of the at-con newsletter sitting in my study in Walthamstow. Apparently people didn't believe it (although we made it clear in the issues) and kept asking where I was at Aussiecon, and why was I doing early morning issues anyway?
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