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Stupidity reigns


I grew up next to a school and none of us would have even thought of complaining about the noise. Stray footballs landing on the greenhouse maybe got a moan but the sounds of dropping off, picking up and playtime were just an accepted part of the day. Mum actually found it a useful time check for when to start keeping an ear out for us coming home and still uses it as a time check for when her shows are on in the afternoon.

If I was the head or on the board of governers of this school I would tell these twits to take me to court just to watch the judge telling them they were damn fools and should get out of his court and stop wasting his time with stupidity like this.


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18th Sep, 2010 10:28 (UTC)
18th Sep, 2010 10:45 (UTC)
I would really, really hate the noise if I lived next to a school.

So, err, I wouldn't move to a house next to a school?
18th Sep, 2010 17:34 (UTC)
Quite. =:o\
18th Sep, 2010 11:02 (UTC)
We used to live next to a school. On days when I was home ill, yes, the playground noise was a bit irritating. But - umm - school. I wouldn't have *dreamed* of complaining.
18th Sep, 2010 12:28 (UTC)
Whilst I'd be slightly sympathetic to anyone being moved into council housing, I doubt very much that is the case with the complainers.

I can only hope that this step has been taken by the school to highlight the idiocy of the complainers rather than the total idiocy of the school, but having to deal with my eldest's Secondary school lately, I have my doubts
18th Sep, 2010 21:25 (UTC)
If that is the one featured on the local news then they have only complained after a redesign on the school. The architect didn't consider acoustics when making the modifications.

It was probably the same one that did Leonie's school. They ended up with a heat trap!
19th Sep, 2010 21:22 (UTC)
Interesting, not seen the redesign mentioned anywhere else but I did think some of the building looked pretty new. Agree about the stupidity of school architects. Jodie's school was rebuilt a couple of years back and it's so warm and energy efficient in winter that the kids all start falling over from being too hot come May because the windows only open a couple of inches and there's no air conditioning.
19th Sep, 2010 22:42 (UTC)
Ah, that does sound like the same architect that designed Leonie's!
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