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Enough Already

George Lucas has said he's going to re-release all six Star Wars films in 3D. Why can't he just leave them alone? He's never going to bring back that feeling of being 10 and sitting in a cinema watching that star destroyer just keep on growing and growing as it passes over your head no matter what he does. Leave us with that sensawunda and stop fiddling!



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29th Sep, 2010 09:09 (UTC)
Could be what breaks the 3D boom. (I'm backing Kermode's anti-3D campaign.)

You don't have to go and see them, you know.
29th Sep, 2010 11:05 (UTC)
Only thing that may get me to go see them is if Hal wants to go otherwise that's what the DVD edition of the classic un mucked about with trilogy is for.
29th Sep, 2010 11:46 (UTC)
There's one form of 3D entertainment I *really* like and want to see more of.

What's it called again?

Oh, right. "Theatre".
29th Sep, 2010 12:06 (UTC)

29th Sep, 2010 09:28 (UTC)
29th Sep, 2010 10:27 (UTC)
Don't suppose he's run out of ideas...
29th Sep, 2010 11:44 (UTC)
On the one hand, I agree with you.

On the other, it's pretty simple to just not watch them. I'm reminded of a story about Alan Moore, being asked if he was upset that movie makers had 'changed his work' when adapting it to the screen. 'They haven't changed my work,' he said, gesturing to the shelf. 'That's my work, right there.'

That's kinda how I feel about Star Wars at this point. Lucas can fiddle with it all he wants, and reimagine it and redo the entire six movie series in Claymation, for all that I care. He can't *change* it, and his efforts to keep the original out of the current medium of choice were crushed by intense market demand.

Also, even in the special edition releases, Han shot first. I had an elegant little proof of this, but this comment is not large enough to write it down...

And I am also in an intense self-induced state of incredible denial. Glad they only ever made one Highlander movie, or it might be too much to keep it up.
29th Sep, 2010 12:38 (UTC)
I'm fond of 3D in general, but can agree with you on this. All 3d retrofitted to live action film is a vile abomination (for all sorts of reasons it is easier to retrofit 3d to animation). They don't now have the option to refilm Star Wars with a dual camera. So the exercise feels pointless to me.
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