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A small gem discovered in the stacks

Having come home from Novacon with yet another crate of dead tree I have finally got my act together, my head out of the New Vegas wasteland, and cleared the back room table so I can get out the laptop and carry on with the cataloging and reshelving the library. This includes shelving the crate from Easter and the crate from last Novacon which were still sitting on the table. (Yes I do buy more books than I can read but at least I'm never stuck for something new and they do make good sound insulation on the party wall).

One thing about shifting all the books is that I find myself reading the blurb of odd ones I don't remember to see why I picked them up in the first place. Starsongs and Unicorns by Eric Norden is one I picked up on the wave of an alternate history/time travel kick as the blurb on the back has yet another time traveller kills Hitler story but I never got round to reading it. I'm glad I have now as there are some fun stories in this collection.

The Primal Solution - mental time traveller tries to kill Hitler but it all goes wrong.

The Curse of the Mohndoro Nkabele or The Revenge of Stanley G. Weinbaum - a series of letters with a hack, who's only knowledge of SF is the trunk full of 40s and 50s pulps the missionary in his village had brought with him, trying to sell Doc Smith style space opera to F&SF. The bit where Ed Ferman tries to palm him off on Harlan Ellison is priceless.

The Pratfall Papers: Notes from an Alternate Polity - Gerald Ford + Cthulhu with a bad end for Kissinger and a side order of missing girl scouts.

The Final Quarry - Why you shouldn't kill unicorns

The rest of the stories are OK if a bit gruesome in a couple of places but this is definately a writer I think could have produced some more interesting stuff but never did, apart from one Nazis win type novel. The one thing I do wish though is that Manor Books had a proof reader on staff, the number of typos is almost up to Grauniad standards.

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