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Spoke to Mum this evening, she's sounding tired and fed up but not too bad apart from that. She says they've tried setting the ankle but it's not worked so they will probably operate to fix it tomorrow. She's really sorry that her trip to see us for Christmas has had to be put off but as she said "there's always next year" and with the trains the way they are we may have had to say that anyway.

Thanks for all the good thoughts people both from us and from Mum. It always helps to know that someone is thinking of you.

As for the boiler, 2 hours on hold to British Gas followed by 20 minutes work with a kettle and a hairdryer on the condensation pipe outlet got it going again. It's now had lagging put on inside and out and the oil filled radiator we bought to keep us from freezing in the meantime is going in the cellar on frost-guard setting.


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21st Dec, 2010 21:56 (UTC)
send her my love too. how are the kids enjoying the snow? as I remember it your road should be a good sledging hill!
22nd Dec, 2010 10:01 (UTC)
Unfortunately for the kids the new sledges arrived the day the thaw started and we havn't had more than a dusting since. We've been getting freezing fog instead. A real shame since, while I wouldn't let them sledge in the street because the road at the bottom is so busy, the park at the end has a couple of perfect sledging slopes.
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