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Just heard from my Brother. Mum has had her ankle set and put in a cast at last. The doctors have decided against pinning for the moment since there is damage to the skin already from when she went over  but that is still an option if it looks like it's not setting when they x-ray it again next week. She's in hospital until Monday at least and will be on crutches for a couple of months after that but in reasonable enough spirits all things considered.

It's not the end of the road but it's a big step forward and Mum is a pretty good healer so here's hoping it will all work out. I think shes just too stubborn to allow life to do anything else. She's always saying she's still got too much to do yet to give up.


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24th Dec, 2010 21:14 (UTC)
Good news; good to hear.
24th Dec, 2010 23:43 (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear it :)

Seasonal Wotsits to you and yours!
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