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The captive is free!!!

Just had Mum on the phone. After five goes at plastering, a stomach bug and ten days of lousy hospital food she's been let out and is now at my brothers surrounded by family.

The doctors have decided against pinning the bone since the long term strength and stability from a natural heal will be better than a pinned one but this does mean six weeks of no load bearing at all on that leg and then 4-6 of partial load bearing while it finishes healing and gets the strength back on that side. in the mean time it's plastered up to the knee and weighs a ton. Because of this it's still not clear how long it will be before she can go back to her own house but there is a care package in place ready to be triggered when needed so it's take it as it comes time.


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31st Dec, 2010 19:23 (UTC)
good news.
31st Dec, 2010 20:13 (UTC)
Nice star for the New Year.
I hope she recover well!
31st Dec, 2010 22:57 (UTC)
Good to hear :) Even with the long recuperation to worry about, I bet you are all so relieved.
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