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On my travels

Off down to Mums for a week to help her out. The care package she's getting is working for her basic needs (one visit in the morning to help her dress,wash and get breakfast, one lunchtime to heat up and serve food, one in the evening to get her tea and get ready for bed) but that's no good for all the little jobs around the house that she can't do or for running errands so that's my job. She says she has a little list which I hope is only one side of A4. I hope to be able to get online a bit thanks to a laptop and wi-fi dongle but if there's anything anyone really needs to make sure I see then ping murphys_lawyer .


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15th Jan, 2011 13:00 (UTC)
ping [info]murphys_lawyer .

"Operators are standing by..."
15th Jan, 2011 15:29 (UTC)
Sympathy to you and your Mum.

Yes, that was our experience. Do you know her friends and near neighbours? If not, do use a little time to try and meet one or two of the closest, and exchange phone numbers if possible. Especially if you are the only family person likely to be able to spend time with her.

If you need someone to share the experience, do call.
18th Jan, 2011 14:40 (UTC)
This is the house I grew up in and she still has the same neighbours on one side that were there when the family moved here in 1959. She's also got strong connections to the local Methodist church which I went to as a kid and works 2 days a week for a local charity shop doing the book section. I think Brian may know the place, just off Tolworth Broadway. The only down side of her circle of friends is that a lot of them are her age or older but the ones that are fit and able do pop in. Living near the shops does have it's advantages.

My youngest brother lives in Chessington so he's just down the road from here in Tolworth but he's got a lot on his plate both with work and in-laws so me being down here for a week takes a load off him for a bit.

Thanks for the offer of support. Sometimes just knowing someone is there is all you need. I'll talk to you at Easter if not before.
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