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Mum update

Mum has finally got the cast off her leg and has now been fitted with what she says the doctor called 'the David Beckham special' (ie a support boot). She now has to get back used to walking properly instead of hopping everywhere but will still be using a frame for a while untill the strength returns to the leg so is still pretty much stuck downstairs. She's getting physio at the local hospital/rehab centre and may be able to get some extra at home if needed since one of the physios is the daughter of a friend from church. She's also got the district nurse in a couple of times a week to sort out the dressing on the ankle where she scraped it when she fell. This is healing reasonably well but is obviously not as healed as it would be if it hadn't spent the last six weeks under a plaster. I'm going to ask her if she wants me back down for another few days but all in all she's doing pretty well.


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11th Feb, 2011 11:00 (UTC)
That is good news. All the best to her.
11th Feb, 2011 12:12 (UTC)
So glad to hear that. Please pass on my wishes for a speedy recovery now she's not weighted down.
11th Feb, 2011 12:37 (UTC)
Goodgood. Sounds like progress! Send her my regards...
11th Feb, 2011 15:04 (UTC)
*good thorts* to your Mum.

She is obviously a spunky lady!
11th Feb, 2011 22:03 (UTC)
My Mum on the surface is a sweet white haired granny who bakes cakes and takes them to the charity shop she volunteers in for the boys to keep them going and sometimes does the same for the local librarian for being so helpful. When she watches TV it's the usual diet of things like Countdown, Midsummer Murders and Antiques Roadshow.

Press the right sequence of buttons and you find the steel backbone and iron resolve of the sort that built the empire and the stubbornness that kept it going. If she had actually been able to fulfill her childhood dream of being an egyptologist she would have given Amelia Peabody a run for her money.
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