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Can you help getting this information out to all your friends who are supporting library campaigns.
It is vitally imprtant that this is stopped.  At present local authorities have a statutory duty to provide libraries, and have to jump thro lots of fairly difficult hoops to close one,  Even so many are closing.  This would remove all those protections..... Go figure what happens after that!

The Department for Communities and Local Government is reviewing the statutory duties placed on local government, with a view to reducing red tape.

One of the areas up for review is the Public Libraries and Museums Act, 1964, which imposes a duty to provide "a comprehensive and efficient library service."

You can see the full list of duties at


There is a link on that page to a Webform, very easy to fill in, where you can make your views known.

Here is a synosis from another email I've just received.

As you will probably have read (though remarkably small amount of publicity about this from the Government itself - good day to bury bad news syndrome?) there is a consultation about revoking legislation that is considered "burdensome" to local government and the list includes the 1964 Public Libraries Act and other items relating to Libraries. There are 1294 measures included in 2 lists that are in no particular order - so to help you submit comments the necessary reference numbers are below.

Please exercise your right to comment - if only on one then choose DCMS_27 and pass this information on to assist others who may wish to take part in the consultation.

The government have identified 1294 statutory duties that central government currently places on local authorities http://www.communities.gov.uk/localgovernment/decentralisation/tacklingburdens/reviewstatutoryduties/ , the majority of which arise from primary legislation - and at this stage it is not a complete list. They are inviting the public to comment on the duties and "to challenge government on those which you feel are burdensome or no longer needed". Three of these duties relate to libraries. It is important for people to take part in the "informal consultation exercise", which will remain open for six weeks, closing 25 April 2011. The link to the questionnaire is here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GP7BKKT . You will be asked to refer to reference numbers relating to specific duties. The duties relating to libraries are:


Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 1(2)

Duty: To provide information and facilities for the inspection of library premises, stocks, records, as the Secretary of State requires.

Function: Necessary for Secretary of State to fulfil (requirement) to superintend library service (see s1 of PLAMA 1964)


Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 7

Duty: To provide a comprehensive and efficient library service. In fulfilling this duty, must have particular regard to the matters in s7(2)

Function: Secure provision of local library services


Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 Section 11

Duty: Supplemental provisions as to transfers of officers, assets and liabilities

Function: Provisions provide, for example, continuity of employment for transferring employees. This secures consistency across library transfers etc and in line with other local authority employment legislation.




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15th Mar, 2011 19:01 (UTC)
Thank you! A most eloquent summary of the position - could I link to this entry via FB?
15th Mar, 2011 20:17 (UTC)
Since there is nothing that could identify my SinL then sure (you never know what higher ups will say about anything on social media).
20th Mar, 2011 20:00 (UTC)
What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say.
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