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Topped up the squirrel resistant bird table this afternoon and within 15 minutes saw two gold finches and a bull finch (as well as the usual selection box of tits and sparrows).


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19th May, 2011 14:20 (UTC)
Wot... No pictures!
19th May, 2011 15:33 (UTC)
I think the kids have borrowed the camera again, it's not on the shelf where it lives.
19th May, 2011 19:14 (UTC)
Aww... Shame. That scene you described sounded cute!
19th May, 2011 21:41 (UTC)
Alas and alack, here in London the pigeons have learnt how to access the supposedly squirrel-proof feeders... At least the squirrels themselves seem to have slid down the Vaselined poles once too often - I haven't seen them around recently!
20th May, 2011 08:55 (UTC)
You've got smarter pigeons than we do.
19th May, 2011 23:22 (UTC)
So no squirrels then? :¬D

We don't see bull finches often round here but the goldies tend to come in small flocks. The cats go mad when the sparrows are having the usual argy bargy in the bush in the front.
This year we have got crickets in the garden too. We know they are crickets because one got in the house. The cats were a bit disappointed when we took their "toy" away from them.
20th May, 2011 08:54 (UTC)
Squirrels were distracted with the pile of stuff dumped out before I refilled the tray. They'll go back to trying to reach through the bars and pinch stuff one seed at a time later.
20th May, 2011 09:10 (UTC)
I'd like to have a bird table that's proof against the local tree rats, but the neighbours might object to me setting up a laser cannon.
20th May, 2011 14:15 (UTC)
Surely just fitting the pole up to the national grid would suffice?
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